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Michael Motherway is Director of Software Engineering at eGate Solutions -- a group of experienced and dedicated industry and technology experts who use their extensive industry background to deliver solutions that meet their customers' specific and versatile needs. Delivering a true end-to-end solution demands a team that deeply understands the inner workings of the complex airline and rail industries and how to employ technology to simplify day-to-day operations.

Prior to eGate, Michael was a senior consultant at CITYTECH, Inc -- a global consultancy specializing in enterprise application development, web experience management, mobile applications, cloud enablement and managed services.

eGate Solutions, a gategroup member, is a leading provider of passenger service planning and fulfillment solutions for the airline and railway industries based on an industry proven product portfolio. Michael provides expertise to eGate in the following areas:

           $ Web Experience Management
           $ Public Cloud Computing
           $ Managed Services
           $ Enterprise App Development
           $ Mobile Solutions 

eGate is headquarted in Chicago with offices in Sydney, London, Barcelona, and Reston VA.


Feel free to contact me through GitHub. My personal profile is @m0therway, and professional profile is @mikemotherway .


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